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New single UPHILL with LOS RUMBEROS is out now!!!! UPHILL is a Cumbia with a twist! A song we wrote about the struggle of making a living from a career in the arts but with a sparkle in the eye and strong sense of fun. Los Rumberos are a fabulous band that you should check out if you haven’t yet and the collaboration feels so natural. The video for Uphill by Finnian Moore & Philip McKee (PIN and EYE)- who also shot the video for Que Quieres De Mi, is awesome. Bursting with Mexican colour and good vibes. We shot the video in and around the markets of Coyoacan, Mexico City (Frida Kahlo’s neighbourhood). It was a lot of fun to make, and I think that shows in the video- hope you love it as much as we do!

Also have you heard QUE QUIERES DE MI yet? It is a collaboration with grammy winning Banda star Horacio Palencia and Urban cuban Miami based star El Chacal. We are SO excited to share this with you!! It comes complete with a stunning video by Finnian Moore and Philip McKee (PIN and EYE). CHECK IT OUT!!!

My mission for 2019 has been to release a new single every 4-8 weeks from my new album project- a fusion of my own brand of jazz infused pop along with Mexican folk music. So far its going pretty well I have to say!! We kicked the year off with La Luna (a fusion with Huapango), and Magpie (a fusion with Norteño), then the massive Que Quieres De Mi (fusing banda, bolero and urban), and the latest Uphill (Cumbia). I have been over a lot in Mexico researching for this album, writing songs, practicing my Spanish- even writing in Spanish, and collaborating a lot with some incredible Mexican musicians. I’ve gone World Music for a while folks! And I’m loving it! This project began back at the end of 2017 when I released Never Give Up featuring the well known Mexican ‘Banda’ or Musica Regional star Horacio Palencia. Since then I have been writing and preparing for the rest of this album. The majority of these singles will include features or duets with very well known artists from Mexico. 


10 September 2019, Pizza Express Holborn, London, UK

23 April 2019 Ferria San Marcus, Aguascalientes Mexico

26 April 2019 Festival Zacatecas, Zacatecas Mexico

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The new album! Coming soon...

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Songs from the new album by Ayala fusing Mexican folk music with Ayala’s brand of British sounding jazz infused pop!